My Adventures

After training for over 6 months, running long distances and altitude training. On the 10th of November 2019, I successfully ran up and summitted a 5800-meter volcano located in Southern Peru, running a total of 13 hours through the desert, up the volcano and back again.

I did this to raise funds and awareness for Headspace to help young people with mental health and to show people that even if you suffer from a mental illness or are having a difficult time in life. You truly can live out any dream you are capable of imagining.

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In November of 2018, my best friend Billy and I ran up Australia’s highest mountain in our Pyjamas in under 4 hours. We did this in an attempt to raise money to help children who suffer from cancer and after being featured on multiple radio shows, news articles and television we succeeded in raising over 5000$ for the ‘Steven Walter Children’s Cancer Foundation’.

Radio Shows-

Billy and I with Gwandy and Ash from Sea FM 101.3

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